HP-HMI Design

Improve Safety and Operator Effectiveness

When it’s time to migrate your human-machine interface system, depend on MAVERICK Technologies to handle the software design and implementation. We understand the need to apply newer guidelines for safety and efficiency while maintaining an interface that’s comfortable and effective for your team. Our U.S.-based HP-HMI software design teams work with you to meet your goals, and our experience and size allow us to offer competitive pricing.

When we migrated to Honeywell Experion, MAVERICK designed the HP-HMI software to meet our operators’ needs and preferences.
— Satisfied Customer, Downstream Oil & Gas Industry

Our HMI experts stay on top of the latest trends and guidelines in the industry. Our High-Performance Graphics (HPG) Roundtable meets regularly to look at new features, and our platform independence allows us to compare the best techniques that each system has to offer.

The MAVERICK Approach

Our experts partner with your experienced operators to identify opportunities for optimization by reviewing piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and laying out a new graphics structure and plan. This not only minimizes the expense of new graphics creation, it also encourages early buy-in from your operators. And by eliminating unnecessary graphics and simplifying others, you give your team an easier way to improve operational safety and productivity.

We use a full suite of internal productivity tools to ensure smooth HP-HMI migrations. Our policy is that no code, script or functionality is left behind. We design graphics in the United States, rather than offshore, to facilitate customer collaboration throughout the process. We maintain a full suite of development systems for each major platform to ensure that we create graphics that match your site’s system and revision.

MAVERICK can help:

  • Decide which HP-HMI platform and version to use
  • Ensure you get operator acceptance and buy-in up front to ease transition
  • Assist with development of standards and guidelines
  • Redevelop graphics utilizing the latest layering concepts, optimized for multi-screen environments
  • Adhere to standards such as HPG and abnormal situation management (ASM)
  • Apply the latest HP-HMI techniques based on our HPG Roundtable’s review of current trends

Case Studies

See how MAVERICK works with customers to overcome unique challenges in the industry.
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Major Oil Refiner Improves Operator Effectiveness by Implementing Optimized Startup Graphics
Gulf Coast Petroleum Refiner Successfully Migrates Plant to Modern HMI with an On-Shore Development Team

HP-HMI Software Design Expertise

We’ve completed hundreds of HP-HMI software design projects for customers across industries.