Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage Support

Expert Outage Management and Planning Services Get You Back Up and Running on Schedule

When your facility undergoes a planned or unplanned outage, scheduled downturn or turnaround, you may have to complete a large range of maintenance tasks in a limited time period. Plants and mills across a wide range of industries look to MAVERICK Technologies to provide additional staff support, maintenance expertise and the parts needed for these shutdowns. As part of our Field Services offering, we provide outage planning and services, as well as manufacturing outage management. Depend on us for the services, expertise and resources you need before, during and after an outage, helping you get back up and running on schedule.

MAVERICK helped us prepare for our last planned outage and provided the components and skills we needed to complete each task. We finished everything on the list with time to spare.
— Satisfied Customer, Power and Utilities Industry

The MAVERICK Approach

We understand the importance of process and what it takes to manage a smooth scheduled outage in your industry. From integrating capital and maintenance activities to proper resource alignment and differentiating goals and expectations. As a platform-independent systems integrator, we can perform maintenance tasks on a wide range of technologies. We’ll dispatch skilled technicians from one of our many locations, and we’ll provide ongoing remote support from our U.S.-based PlantFloor24® 24/7/365 global operations center.

MAVERICK can help:

  • Define the requirements for working through the maintenance process — down to the component level
  • Ensure that drawings, spare parts, calibration standards and skilled technicians are available in advance
  • Identify conflicting tasks and predecessor issues
  • Coordinate with other disciplines
  • Document the process through final acceptance
  • Keep work on schedule

Outage Planning Expertise

We’ve assisted with hundreds of planned and unplanned outages, scheduled downturns and turnarounds for customers in the following industries: pulp and paper; power and utilities; oil and gas; life sciences; and chemical processing.