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Brewing & Distilling Industry

To meet today’s ever-changing consumer demands, the brewing and distilling industry must quickly be able to change direction and innovate while working to increase operational efficiency. Customers want to experience different types of flavors – anywhere from seltzers to fermented lagers to ales with either a sweet malt taste or a heavily hopped IPA. Flexible systems and agile control processes are key requirements to producing the best batch brewing recipes for your customers, as well as reducing product costs, managing raw materials for the best yields and getting product to market on time.

Whether you have a large process control system or need to automate part of your process, MAVERICK Technologies has the expertise to cover each end of the brewing and distilling spectrum. We can help you expand and optimize your system processes to achieve operational excellence and meet customized consumer requirements.

The MAVERICK Approach

At MAVERICK, we know what it takes to upgrade or expand small or large process control systems – from better reporting systems to alarming to improved human-machine interface (HMI) graphics that enable operators to better manage their processes – all while minimizing energy usage and costs per brew or batch.

We pay attention to your specific business objectives, goals and strategies and take a customized approach, leaving the door open for future technological requirements or add-ons. Depending on your requirements, we can custom build or design open systems so you can quickly adapt to customer demands and have the flexibility to easily change recipes or change process steps down the road. Our experts follow best practices to ensure all ISA-88 batch standards guidelines, FDA regulatory compliance and proper safety protocols and policies are met.


  • Recommend automation solutions tailored to your needs, selecting the appropriate software and hardware platforms and functionality options
  • Identify and implement a recipe management system that fits your operation, whether you need simplistic PLC-based parameter storage or ISA-88 relational database storage with ingredient quantities and sequence of operation as part of the recipe
  • Ensure FDA compliance by utilizing ingredient traceability, lot tracking and batch reporting for comprehensive product tracking in brewing and distilling production
  • Refine your operations to reduce waste
  • Optimize your processes to improve yield/throughput
  • Make your data and electronic batch reports more accessible by fully integrating your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or manufacturing execution system (MES) and other systems

We maintain an open architecture as we work, allowing you to plan for future version upgrades and vendor changes at minimal cost.

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Solutions for Improved Profitability

Partner with MAVERICK to benefit from our unique offering, including:
  • A specially assembled team of trained, certified professionals with the skills needed to deliver brewing and distilling industry solutions in the country where you work
  • Deep expertise and knowledge of best practices in the brewing and distilling industry
  • Full compliance to ISA-88 batch control standards, FDA regulations and safety procedures and policies
  • A track record of adhering to budgets and timelines
  • Knowledge of best practices gained from working in related industries, such as consumer packaged goods and life sciences
  • Platform-independent, scalable solutions that utilize your existing infrastructure
  • Proven Project Complete® methodology for meeting critical objectives with consistency and repeatability
  • The OpCon Advantage, combining the right people, process and technology to ensure project success

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