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Since 1999, MAVERICK Technologies has been designing, installing and commissioning automation and related information systems worldwide for manufacturing companies. This extensive expertise allows MAVERICK to deliver platform-independent remote management for industrial automation controls as part of our PlantFloor24® solution. By performing 24/7/365 remote monitoring from our U.S.-based global operations center and leveraging our network of 400+ automation professionals across 21+ domestic locations as needed, we are able to provide an unmatched level of service.

Remote management tasks can be grouped into five main categories: incident management, backup and recovery, software updates and patch management, real-time monitoring and online edits. Depending on the situation, we can identify and correct issues remotely, send on-site assistance from a local office or provide full-time support.

Delayed response to incidents can cause your facility to lose valuable production time and, in certain instances, lead to damaged equipment or personnel injury. Providing faster response time to incidents through remote management has been proven to reduce downtime and repair costs while extending the lifetime of your assets. And the cost of just one avoided incident has been shown to completely offset the service price by a significant margin.

Remote management can be an effective means for dealing with incidents by:

  • Proactively diagnosing and debugging automation and IT problems that are causing, or may soon cause, interruptions or reductions in production.
  • Helping personnel diagnose automation and IT system issues by interpreting and communicating the current state of the system code.
  • Providing faster response time to incidents, particularly when in-house personnel aren’t readily available.

Remote management of automation and related information systems is the best way to combine the operational expertise of your personnel with the in-depth technology insight of MAVERICK’s professionals. Together we can arrive at an expedited solution, improve operations in a cost-effective manner and increase your competitiveness by establishing and implementing best practices.


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